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Black Work

26 Hewish Rd, Croydon VIC 3136


This weekend I dragged my boyfriend along to a new café that has opened up in our area as we had heard it offered a plant-based menu alongside a traditional menu. When I say dragged along, I don’t actually mean it. Even though my boyfriend is not plant based, I’m sure he didn’t mind checking this place out with me!

Walking into Black Work, we were welcomed with a bright interior with ample window bench seating, tables big enough for larger groups and individual tables suitable for couples of smaller parties of around 4. It also offers a couple of outdoor tables which I’m sure will be a hit over the summer time – they may need to invest in some shade cloths though! I was very impressed with the size of the front bench as it displayed the coffee station at one end, a range of filter coffee and alternatives along the front and a large display case of sweet treats and take away options. The size of the kitchen was also a surprise - a good sign that a hard-working team is about to deliver some amazing food to a café full of Sunday brunch goers!

To be honest (as every good foodie does), I’d already sussed out the menu online and had a good scroll through Black Works Instagram page so I had a good idea as to what was on offer. As usual, we started off with some coffee. I’m your typical long black kind of girl with the occasional latte here and there, but today I was after something new to get my blood pumping so I order the Kenya filter coffee (can’t remember the name of the blend, sorry!) as filter coffee isn’t something that’s available in many cafes close by and seeing it sitting on the counter when I first walked in instantly made me want to try it! My coffee came served in a large glass cup which was a bit unusual to begin with – how am I supposed to drink a hot beverage out of a glass that's boiling to touch?! But I slowly figured it out and enjoyed the sweet aromas and flavours. It was smooth and rich and definitely something I would have again and recommend to others.

A few menu items took my fancy (bircher muesli, buckwheat porridge, crumpets – definitely next time!), but as it was close to midday and my first meal of the day, I was feeling pretty hungry so thought I’d go all out and order the tofu scramble on sourdough with some extras. Seasonal mushrooms caught my eye at first but it was the roast tomatoes, potato hash brown and some beetroot relish that scored the show. And they did not disappoint. I don’t know what was mixed in with the tofu scramble but it was perfect. It wasn’t dry and chewy like what my home-made tofu scramble sometimes comes out like (still yet to master that!), but it also wasn’t sloppy and slimy like others I’ve tried – it was JUST. RIGHT! Served on soft sour dough with a chewy crust made it even better. The tomatoes were perfectly roasted, still holding their shape but soft enough to melt in your mouth. The potato hash brown was impressive in size and delivered on a cloud like consistency inside and crispy outside. And to finish it all off, the beetroot relish brought a freshness to the dish accompanied by a small complimentary salad.

We finished our meals feeling happy and full to the brim, which in my eyes, is the perfect start to a Sunday!

I take my hat off to you Black Work. Thank you for creating a delicious meal and for incorporating a plant-based section on your menu, with a range of variety at an affordable price. It’s dangerous that you’ve opened up so close to me! I have a feeling you may be seeing a lot more of me as time goes on.


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