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Mr. Black Juicery


1 Blackburne Square, Berwick 3806

Today I was fortunate enough to have lunch at Mr. Black Juicery in Berwick with some friends and once again, I was not disappointed. This was my second visit to Mr. Black, the first being many months ago when out for the day with my parents.

As today was a Friday, I didn't think finding a table would be all too difficult but when we arrived, the place was pumping. The atmosphere of the cafe is bright, vibrant and very welcoming. It isn't a very big place, with small tables packed close together, but without feeling overly crowded. The large open glass windows and white interior makes the place feel big and cosy. Walking into the cafe, we were greeted by friendly staff and, as the place was quite busy, we were suggested to sit outside or along the windowsill with the option to move to a table once one became available. As it was a pretty cold day, we chose the windowsill which was actually quite nice as the sun was shining and we had a nice view outside. We later moved to a table where we could enjoy our meals in a communal setting, rather than in a line!

Mr. Black Juicery has a large menu with lots of options to choose from. I've been following their Instagram page for a long time and every time I see a new post I can't believe how beautiful all their meals look. I would have loved to have tried one of their amazing smoothie bowls but the day was just too cold! My friend was intrigued by the smoothie bowls too and said that we'll have to go back in summer time and give them a try!

I stuck with water as my drink of choice but my friends ordered something for themselves. Kieran ordered a Yellow smoothie as he was interested to see how the baobab powder tasted. The Yellow smoothie was made from banana, mango, baobab powder, dates, coconut milk and ice. I had a small taste and it was delicious, very smooth and creamy! Maddi ordered the Red juice which had beetroot, green apple, carrot, lemon and ginger. Once again, it was delicious. To be honest though, I'm a sucker for anything with fresh ginger!

On my first visit to Mr. Black Juicery I had one of their home made pies with a side salad. I remember seeing them in the display cabinet and couldn't pass up the chance to indulge in a pie as it is something I don't have very often! The pastry was thick and crumbly, the filling was chunky and flavoursome and the salad and relish brought a fresh element to the dish.

This time around I chose something completely different but from the description on the menu, sounded too good not to try! I had the Life Bowl which was a bed of mixed leaf salad, sprinkled with fermented cabbage and hemp seeds, sliced tomato, cucumber, avocado, charcoal hummus, pumpkin and sweet potato medley, alfalfa, with two pieces of toasted olive loaf, drizzled with cashew cheese. It was presented beautifully! I don't think there was a colour from the rainbow missing and all the flavours and textured elements worked perfectly together. It was safe to say, I demolished the bowl and felt satisfied and rejuvenated afterwards! I would definitely recommend the Life Bowl to anyone who was tossing up on what to choose!

The Life Bowl

Alongside the extensive and creative menu, Mr. Black Juicery also offers a range of raw treats. They look amazing and I'm sure taste delicious, but as someone who isn't the biggest fan of raw treats and was already full to the brim from my lunch I chose not to try any.

A nice location, beautifully presented cafe and a welcoming environment, I would recommend Mr. Black Juicery to anyone who was looking for somewhere special to eat. Some items on the menu seemed a little pricey (for me) but as long as they keep up their standard and continue welcoming customers in with their friendly staff and delicious creations, I'm sure customers will not mind the high price.

Thank you Mr. Blacks Juicery for creating a place that highlights how yum and healthy plant based eating can be!

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