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A Wholesome Serving offers a wide range of food and nutrition services.
These include:

Meal Delivery:
Choose from a wide variety of meals from my online menu and have them delivered fresh straight to your door. Weekly cook & delivery or pick up on Mondays from Kilsyth, VIC! Meals are delivered fresh with a fridge life of 4-5 days! These meals are for those who simply don't have the time to prep delicious & nutritious meals but know the importance of consuming a healthy plant focused diet. View my menu HERE.

Café Wholesale:
Are you a café or business owner looking to expand? Let's pair up!! Plant based lifestyles are becoming more and more popular and I believe having ready-made grab and go meals available to customers is the next step forward in a healthier community! We eat with our eyes so having my meals displayed in your café or as part of your online delivery menu you're sure to have your customers grabbing a bowl! For more info, click HERE!

Tailored Meal Prep:
Tailored meal preps are for those with specific goals they wish to achieve. Simply provide me with your calorie and macro targets and let me create your weekly meals! You can guarantee a wide variety of plant diversity across the week and a new set of meals as the weeks go on! For more information including prices, please email

Small Event Catering:
Whether it be a workplace meeting, weekend picnic with friends or a celebration of some sort allow me to provide the food. I prepare grazing boxes to suit any event. These boxes include a range of seasonal fruits, treats, raw vegetables, crackers, homemade dips & rainbow rice paper rolls plus baked goodies such as veggie 'sausage' rolls, mini quiches and sandwiches! To view these boxes visit my meal delivery menu HERE.
** 2 weeks notice required - please email awholesomeserving@gmail to discuss prior to ordering.

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