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2019; Healthy & Happy Intentions!

2019 already?! Whaaatttt. 2018 went past in a blur. A lot happened in the past year... I started this blog (which I've sadly neglected over the last few months... sorry!), wrote and published my ebook, assisted with another 2 successful plant based eating programs (The Wholefood Solution, previously known as Food4Life.. see my old blogs!) and have another 1 commencing in Feb/March, both my sisters had kids so I now have another nephew and a niece, had some great times with friends, joined my old gym again and started yoga & personal training, celebrated the weddings of 4 beautiful couples, went on many adventures including trips to Cape Paterson, Barwon Heads, Cape Otway and the Gold Coach and finally, I finished my degree!!

Looking back on the year it seems I've done a lot. But I believe there is always room for more. More experiences, more learning, more adventures, more connections and relationships. So as a way to make sure I make the most out of my time, I'm setting some goals and intentions for 2019. I like having something to work towards and keep me accountable so today I am going to share with you my 5 intentions for 2019.

1. Fuel myself with whole plant foods:

I know you're probably thinking "but you already consume a whole food plant based diet - that's what this blog is all about!!". And yes, thats true. But lately I feel as though I've been slipping up a bit and indulging in a few too many vegan treats & chocolate, breads, alcohol, eating out and not being 100% compliant with being oil free (very difficult when eating out). All this comes down to will power and proper planning. I simply need to say no, choose other options and remember why I choose to eat this way in the first place. I choose to eat in a way that I know is going to reduce my chances of developing chronic disease and unnecessary weight gain, and give me copious amounts of energy and vitality for years to come!

2. See what my body is capable of:

As I mentioned, I've joined my old gym again and have absolutely been loving my time there. I started practising yoga which is something I'd never done before and didn't think I'd enjoy but I've made some good friends from the classes I go to and can't wait to get back into it this year when classes start again this week. The feeling of stretching and moving my body in ways I wouldn't normally, followed by a relaxing meditation has helped me feel more relaxed and less anxious. I come home from classes dripping in sweat but feeling relaxed and content. It definitely helps with having a good nights sleep too! I plan to continue working with my PT and following the programs and advice she gives me. She's been in the industry for years and has competed in bikini body competitions herself so I have faith in what she tells me. I want to feel confident in my skin and be proud of my body. I want to push it in ways it's never been pushed before and have a physique I can show off! I don't really know what my plans are in the long run, but for now I will be giving 100% to all my training sessions to build my muscles and strength. And in order to achieve this I need to stick to goal number 1! Alongside improving my self confidence and strength, I want to show that it is possible to be lean and build muscle on a plant based diet and that protein needs can be easily met!

3. Challenge myself creatively:

Now that Uni is done, I have no excuse not to keep building my brand and exploring different outlets in promoting a whole food plant based lifestyle. Over the last couple of months I've felt this pressure to get a new job and start my career in nutrition now that I've finished study. But I now realise that that doesn't need to be the case. I'm not expected to know what I want to do exactly with my career or expect to have my dream job just land in my lap. I've realised that now is the time for me to start experimenting with different possibilities to see what works and what doesn't and to find out what I enjoy doing. I've got lots of ideas in mind: one on one nutrition coaching, cooking classes, catering, seminars & workshops, another ebook, writing (blogs, reviews, articles etc) and so much more. A nutritionist is not a 9-5 job and especially coming from a specific view on diet and lifestyle, I need to find what works best for me. So 2019 will be full on experiments, challenges and hopefully lots of learning, growth and new relationships!

4. Say yes to more adventures and travel:

"I can't, I've got study to do" has been a running theme these past few years but no more! Most weekends were spent in my study with my head in the books and hardly ever out and about enjoying the opportunities offered to me. I now have the opportunity to spend my weekends on road trips with friends, coffee dates or out exploring nature with my boyfriend. I can't wait! Before I went to uni I went on at least 1 overseas trip each year and it's now been 3 years since I've left the country, boo! My boyfriend and I are planning on heading over to Germany mid year but nothing is set in stone yet... So I think it's time we start organising things because a big trip away, especially to an amazing country like Germany, and our first time traveling together is exactly what I need!!

5. Save money:

I'm sure this is on everyone's list of New Years goals but to me it's a very important one. I'm lucky enough to be living with loving parents who support me and very happily allow me to be still living with them at 27 years old but I think it's time to move on! Mortgages and rent are bloody expensive these days and in order for me to achieve goal number 4 and move out of home while only working part time, I need to become conscious of my spending and save where ever possible! I'm not a very materialistic person but have been known to spend money on useless or meaningless crap so I need to change my habits there!

So there you have it, my goals and intentions for 2019. If you know me, please help me stick with them and keep me accountable! If you don't know me, please still do the same or reach out to me if you feel you may have some tips or advice for me on how I can stay true to my goals or advice in achieving them!

Happy new year to you all. Hope you have a happy and healthy 2019!

PS: As I write this, I am lounging out in a hammock in the sun sipping on a coffee at a Tiny House B&B in Warburton, after returning from a small bush hike to La La Falls! More adventures: tick!


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