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Beach Food

The weekend just passed was Australia Day which happened to fall on a Saturday this year, meaning us Australians scored an extra day off on Monday to celebrate the long weekend! Unfortunately I still had to work Saturday (morning/afternoon at one job and on call overnight for the other!) but as soon as Sunday morning came around I enjoyed my usual breakfast of Soaked Oats, packed my car and headed off down to Cape Paterson to enjoy a night away! In this post I'm going to share with you what I ate while away. A little pre-planning and preparation when into these meals but I want to show you how easy it can be to continue eating healthy while away from normal routine and your normal environment!


When I arrived at CP I went for a walk along the beach, then headed back to the van for my usual morning 'snack'... black coffee!

My parents were also away with me this weekend and Mum had purchased a fresh loaf of bread. I don't eat a lot of bread but there is nothing wrong with a veggie packed sandwich every now and then. I'd also bought with me some curried pumpkin & corn burgers which I'd found in Coles. As I've said many times, home made is always best but the ingredients in these burgers are pretty good and they have no added oil either so I though they'd be perfect to take away with me!

Wholemeal seed bread sandwich with avocado, cucumber, cos lettuce, raw purple onion and a burger pattie. With a side of fresh tomato & cucumber with pepper!

After an afternoon of swimming and sun-baking, it was time for an afternoon snack! I'd prepared some savoury lupin flour pancakes (at home) which I zapped in the microwave to warm up and topped with fresh fruit! So delicious!

Just like earlier, the late afternoon was spent swimming, hanging out with family and soaking up the last of the suns warm rays. For dinner, Dad grilled up some huge portobello mushrooms and tofu on the BBQ while I put together a plate full of raw salad and dressed it with a couple spoonfuls of hot salsa! This meal was actually SO GOOD and probably my favourite of the day! I hadn't had mushrooms in so long and BBQ-ing them gives them a great flavour!


Before leaving home on Sunday I had once again prepared a container of my Soaked Oats recipe. I could have easily prepared this Sunday night while away but I thought it was just as easy to make it Saturday night while I was preparing Sunday mornings breakfast too. I topped it with some cinnamon and frozen blueberries and headed out to my favourite place to enjoy breakfast... looking over the bay beach! It's so peaceful in the mornings.

The weather today was amazing once again so just like yesterday, the morning was spent relaxing on the beach with some of my cousins and swimming & sun-baking! After a couple of hours we started to feel hungry so we headed back for a break from the sun and to prepare some lunch! Once again I had a curried pumpkin & corn burger which I chopped up and added to a Greek style salad I'd put together which had cos lettuce, black olives, red onion, cucumber & tomato with lots of freshly cracked pepper!

One of my favourite places to swim at CP is the Channel. I headed down there this afternoon, a little while after lunch, to go for a late swim. Unfortunately, it wasn't as pleasant as it normally is. The water was rougher than usual, the current was strong and there was a lot of seaweed being washed around. I jumped in quickly for a cool down but spent most of the time laying on the sand.

Late afternoon came around and it was time for an afternoon snack before packing up and heading home. Again, I had some lupin flour pancakes with fruit and a banana with some peanut butter! Yummm!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I ate while away at the beach for a night. With a little forward thinking and preparation it's super easy to eat healthy and delicious foods when away from your regular kitchen!


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