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The End of my 2017-18 Summer Holidays..

I can’t believe it’s the end of February already! It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting my exams in October, looking forward to and planning all the things I wanted to do during the 5 month break! Oh how time flies when you’re having fun…

I can’t complain, I’ve done some pretty great things over my time away from uni. The highlights have definitely been completing T. Colin Campbell/eCornell online Plant Based Nutrition Certificate, signing up for Laura Sitter Nutrition Graduate Program (which taught me so much and has left me so excited to finish my studies and start my own business!) and of course, spending quality time with my friends, family and my boyfriend. I was still working my regular part time hours and sometimes the extra shift here and there, but it definitely was nice having time to myself, to relax and read books other than text books (although most of what I read was Nutrition related – I’m a sucker) and chill out binge watching Netflix.

One of my favourite things I did over the summer break was spending time at my family’s caravan at Cape Paterson. It’s located right on the coast, no more than a 5-minute walk to the beach and is the perfect place for me to fully relax and enjoy myself. So, seeing as my holidays are coming to an end and I go back to uni next week, I thought what better way to spend my final days than down at the beach!

I got up early Monday morning, packed the car and headed off. I made it down to CP by 9:30am where I made some breakfast and enjoyed it looking over the bay. The morning was pretty grey and windy, but it wasn’t too cold. The clouds cleared by the afternoon and the sun showed itself. I took this as the perfect opportunity to chuck my camelbak on (hydration is important.. so is somewhere to put my phone and keys!) and head out for a long walk through the walking tracks and along the beach.

A few hours past and I was back in time for lunch (mmm sushi!). The afternoon was spent reading (Idiots Guide to Plant Based Nutrition), soaking up the warm sun and listening to The Rich Roll Podcast and The Ground Up Show (Matt D’Avella Podcast). I think tonight I’ll cook up some dinner (tomato, capsicum, black bean, quinoa & kale stew), enjoy it out in the last rays of sun before settling in with a movie. Ahhh, holidays!

It was quite windy throughout the night, but I surprisingly slept well. I was up around 8am, went for a small walk, a jump on my mini tramp and drank some water while sitting in the morning sun reading my book. 9:30am came around and I was starting to feel a little hungry, so I made myself my favourite caravan breakfast – oats with banana and berries! I enjoyed breakfast in my favourite morning spot – at the top of the cliff over-looking the bay beach.

I had planned to go for a long walk this morning so I got changed, filled up my camelbak, jumped in the car and drove into Wonthaggi. The walk I had set out to do was from Wonthaggi to Kilcunda. After about an hour’s walking and what I thought to be at least half way (Wrong! Not even close..!) I decided to turn around. I wouldn’t normally give up on a walk, especially on such a beautiful day but I just wasn’t feeling it. The track was flat, a little boring and I got over the paddock scenery real quick. My hip was also cramping up so I thought to myself there’s no need to push myself any further and there’s no harm in turning around. All up I was walking for about 2hrs so I’m still very pleased with myself and I enjoyed the amount I achieved. I think it would be the perfect sort of track to tackle if you were on a bike – time would go by much quicker and it wouldn’t feel like such a drag!

After returning to the van around 1pm the sun was out in force. I couldn’t say no to a quick dip in the bay while I put lunch on to cook (what would I do without my pressure cooker… more on that beauty in another post coming up!). The water was so calm and still, and it was so quiet – only a couple other people (that’s one of the joys of coming down to CP during the off seasons). I stayed in the water for about 15 minutes, but I could have floated there all day. I got back to the van, put together my lunch and enjoyed it while sitting outside in the shade. I even spotted a blue tongue lizard who likes to live around our van – in the morning I throw my strawberry tops or bits of banana out on the grass for him! Wasn't quick enough to snap a good shot of him..

The late afternoon felt like it was getting warmer and warmer, so I thought what a perfect time to go for another swim and relax on the beach again. I went down to the channel beach which is one of my favourite places to swim at. The water was beautifully warm and cosy and I stayed in there for about 20 minutes before retiring back to my towel and laying in the sun. The walk back to the van got me feeling hot again so I snacked on some frozen blueberries and nuts to cool down and keep me going until dinner. A relaxing evening of a shower, left over stew for dinner and another movie was the perfect way to end an incredible day!

Another day in paradise! What started off as a grey and overcast morning, turned into a truly beautiful day. I woke up around 8am and decided to head to the cliff top, look out over the bay beach and be still while taking in the new morning. It was very calm and rather peaceful just sitting there, doing nothing, freeing my mind. I came back to the van not long after, went for a jump on my mini tramp then set myself up outside with my book. The usual breakfast of oats and fruit was enjoyed once again at my favourite spot – looking over the bay beach.

Grey clouds and heavy winds had picked up so I settled myself inside and continued to read. After a couple of hours, the clouds had passed and the sun decided to show itself. However, the wind still stuck around. I took this as a chance to go for one last walk along the walking tracks and enjoy the scenery of the coastline and I cannot believe what I found! I’ve been coming to Cape Paterson for YEARS yet today I discovered 2 new lookouts! Along the walking track, theres a spot where a new path breaks off. I always thought this track was just another loop because it joins back onto the main path a little further down… BUT, turns out there's more tracks leading off them that lead to some lookouts! The views of the Channel Beach and Surf Beach were amazing from them, I cannot believe I’ve never been there before! I think it’ll be the perfect spot to watch the sun set or have a hidden little picnic one day..

The sun was truly out in force now so I changed into my bathers and headed to the bay beach. Due to the wind, it wasn’t as calm as yesterday but it was still an incredible feeling. There was no one else in the water and I felt like I had the entire ocean to myself. I didn’t stay too long because I was pushed on time, needing to pack my things and head back home, but I am so happy I decided to go for one last swim. It really made me appreciate what the world has to offer and how lucky I am to experience it.

I got back to the van, had some left over stew for lunch and packed the car. So that concludes my 3 day trip at the beautiful Cape Paterson. I will be forever grateful for having a place to escape to and relax at my leisure. I think the sun, the ocean, some time to myself and an abundance of plant foods has been the perfect way to end my holidays and has felt me feeling positive about starting my final year of uni net week!

Until next time CP.


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