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What I Eat In A Day!

Hey all! Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Things have been super busy lately with crazy hours at my part time work, lots of uni work to keep on top of including assignments, tests & placement as well as getting my new nutrition and wellness coaching business up and running! Although it's been a busy time, I've been enjoying every minute of it! It's so great being able to introduce people to a program that is fun, supportive and full of helpful information. I can't wait to build my clientele so I can start doing this full time :)

But for now... onto the food!!


Rolled oats cooked with ground flax seeds, cinnamon, maca powder and Superfeasts Masons Mushroom blend. Topped with chopped apple, frozen mixed berries, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and cacao nibs.


Fresh purple kale & spinach with lemon juice, fresh tomato wedges, toasted Pure Life sprouted bread topped with smashed chickpeas & pesto and grilled teriyaki tofu.


Complete protein chocolate shake mixed with water.


Fresh spinach, green & purple kale and quinoa & black bean chilli with fresh lime juice and avocado.

Thanks for checking out this super quick post sharing with you what I eat in a day! All my meals are plant based and made from whole foods. Eating this way makes me feel my best and gives me sustained energy throughout the day!

I promise to be back soon with another post!


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